About Me

Hi there! I'm Dissu also known by my art/gaming handle DISEQUIL or as DISSUMERCH on instagram! I'm an Asian American artist based in NJ/NYC who often dabbles in fanart & design as a hobby and am more often than not am inspired by songs & the occasional memes by BTS.

I've been an ARMY ever since 2016 during BTS' Blood Sweat and Tears comeback and give a lot of credit to BTS helping me to re-find my love and passion for drawing & creating. One of the things I love the most about the fandom are the people that I've met. Through my own art in my early years in the fandom, I've been able to connect and meet so many wonderful people from all around the world; many of which still remain my close friends today. So in a sense the purpose of my brand revolves around connection & storytelling through art.

My goal as an artist is to create pieces that are not only relatable, but also pieces that tell as story. Art to me, is something that should inspire others or have that spark to connect and resonate with other people. The beauty of art is that it's a universal language that has no barriers, it allows for each viewer to interpret pieces individually which has been something I aim to incorporate into my pieces. For the majority of my designs, I've included my own design process of my thoughts when I was designing each item in the listing itself for everyone to read and get a sense of how I interpreted songs or lyrics as many of my designs are based off of songs. (Some of them might be lengthy because I just have a lot of feelings lol) But do I value creating pieces that hold a lot of meaning to myself personally and will almost exclusively create around songs or themes that I personally gravitate towards emotionally. (I'm a sucker for ballads haha)

I started my shop back in 2017 where the only item I sold was my set of meme!tan stickers based off of BTS memes, and since then I've expanded my repertoire of products to include prints & enamel pins. I now primarily focus on more lowkey aesthetic merch that doesn't necessarily scream BTS but can be appreciated by fans & non listeners alike. Each of my song-based designs were designed in a way for everyone to enjoy and are super subtle if you're like me and enjoy more lowkey merch. I welcome you to browse around & hope that my pieces can inspire you to create as well!