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ENHYPEN NEW YORK: Sticker Sheet - designed by disequil

Listed on behalf of the ENHYPEN_NEWYORK team

Presenting the sticker sheet for ENHYPEN_NEWYORK! ^o^ This sticker sheet allows for ENGENES to create their own NYC concert story with ENHYPEN!

Most of them are in their “career” outfits from their Inkigayo outfits for ParaDOXXX INVASION (Jungwon was drawn in the mv outfit bc he was drawn before that performance came out 🥲)

Sticker Sheet Specs
• 6 inches x 4 inches
• kiss cut

We wanted to tie NYC to each occupation & theme so there’s a cute little mini sticker to go along with each member!

🎤 JAKE (idol) - idols & lightsticks go hand in hand; his sticker pairing is the lightstick with the cute statue of liberty lightstick cover!
☕️ SUNOO (cafe owner/barista) - get a man who can do it all! this busy shop owner’s menu items are coffee & classic nyc hotdogs for some cafe vibes!
🚕 HEESEUNG (race car driver) - vroom vroom! get to your next destination by your favorite EN- TAXI driver! also included a bday cupcake too since NYC’s date is on his bday! (there are also two hats that you can stick on other members!)
🏒 SUNGHOON (hockey player) - with his trusted EN- hockey puck, this ice prince is bound to shoot a goal into your heart! (logo is NYC rangers ➡️ NYC engene! he’s also wearing a ranger’s uniform!)
📕NIKI (office worker) : a hard worker who works in the city, carrying a cute clipboard & pencil, he makes sure everything is on schedule! his accessory is the cute briefcase! (& his name is embroidered on it too!)
⚓️ JAY (captain) : sailing into your heart we have jay! his two occupational stickers are the EN- FERRY & BUOY (inspired by the nyc ferry & staten island ferry logos 👌)
🍎 JUNGWON (tourist): tourist jungwon coming through!! carrying an I ❤️NY balloon, he’s paired up with the I❤️EN- sticker which is a classic on tourist merch

Other cute tidbits:

• radio city music hall : the all important venue location
• EN- & ENGENE : subway circles!

100% of profits will go towards ENHYPEN_NEWYORK's banner project, any excess will be donated! For more information about our NYC banner project please visit here!