PTD Tour Pin
PTD Tour Pin

PTD Tour Pin

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PTD was a super special concert series for me so I really wanted to encapsulate my LA experience into a design (though it ironically also tied into las vegas too)

This pin was designed after PTD LA with the theme of “I will keep on supporting you until the end” in mind (symbolized by the infinity sign & the confetti)

The design features the cute cute PTD confetti & an army bomb (much like my 2019 tour pin) w a purple ribbon accessory which is looped in an infinite pattern to mirror the meaning of my infinite jewelry collection (or alternatively can stand for the “I guess im in the bangtan seoyeondan shit for life” meme 😂)

The ribbon is colored purple to represent ARMY & i also included a cute backstamp with the words borahae on the back (as a message from me to you guys bc these were supposed to be freebies in lv but clearly that never happened 😂)

Main reason i chose the circle/infinity symbolism again was because joon’s speech at the end of D4 for LA (which made me bawl until the end of encore 😂) just solidified that i will be an army for life 🥲 Literally that phrase abt continue doing what you love even when you’re 30, 35, 40 etc. This was one of the huge inspirations behind this design because it not only shows how much bangtan care about what they do, but they are willing to continue to give it their all for their fans and I find that super respectable.

But also, imagine my surprise when Joon mirrored the words “stay with us until the end” during ptd las vegas during his ending ment 🥲 So as a promise from us to them, this pin is a representation of reunion & a strengthened bond until the end.


  • 2 inches
  • gold plated
  • pearl accents w/cutouts


Second grades have minor issues w plating or enamel fill (these are a mixture of B/C grades if you’re going off my past grading chart) For the most part these are very minor.

Super seconds have enamel missing from a certain are

For examples, please see my highlighted storied on my IG!