Hi guys! Welcome to my new updated shop! I recently changed platforms, so please pardon as I work out the kinks and issues that come with using a new hosting site!

Hopefully this layout is easier to navigate on both mobile and PC! I tried splitting everything into categories and added a 'coming soon' one for products that will be restocked in the future! (These are mainly pins)That being said, a few changes will be made from my previous shop platform:

Shipping : Will be based off of weight! If I do happen to overcharge, the difference in shipping will be refunded when I process your order! Also not quite sure if combining orders will be the same, so I'll probably figure that out as I go.

Coming Soon Items: Anything that says "coming soon" will be restocked at a later time! Please check my merch IG for the next time I will be having a pin update!

Pre-Orders/Shop Updates: The shop will be under maintenance mode before each shop update. This means that you can no longer preview items before it opens (since the platforms changed, so it's not as easy to on here) I will, however post all updates on my IG including pricing, for reference.

Blog Posts: This was one of the things I was post excited about! I'll be sharing and migrating some of my behind the designs posts into these blog posts so you guys can get a general idea of how I think of designs and how they come to be! I'll also be posting some of my travel blogs relating to bangtan including snippets of my trip to Korea from last year! :)

Hope you guys enjoy the new layout! :') Happy browsing!


- Dissu

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