[ updates ] 2021 & what's new!

Happy (extremely belated) 2021 everyone! As you may have noticed my shop & carrd have both undergone makeover for the new year! Went for a more streamlined approach with the new setup & took all of the comments from my end of year survey into consideration! Here are some of the changes that have been made:
  • The full line of my anniversary collection is now available for purchase in stock! I'll be leaving them up for the time being. This year I'm going to try to have all my products up for purchase for awhile instead of having batches of pins only vs prints only, hopefully that will space out orders better! For new items though, I'll still be closing down & editing items depending on what's being put up! (But I'll be making posts for those!)
  • All sets have been broken out into their each individual product listings! As of now I don't foresee haven't issues with too many things selling out during this time, so I decided to give every design it's own listing! To me I feel like it was a bit neater so you wouldn't have to scroll down a long list before you found the listing you wanted.
  • Cleaned up some of the collections! Got rid of the 'coming soon' one since the filters I put on it weren't working as intended so I just simplified everything into standard categories.
  • UK & European shipping has been moved onto etsy due to new VAT laws being put in place. For customers living in Europe or the UK, please message me directly on etsy with what you'd like to order & I can create a custom order for you through there!
  • As always I will be posting shop updates mainly on my IG, but have since also created a new twitter account for shop tweets only! (@dissumerch)

Hoping to try out some new things this year, so expect different types of merch for different fandoms in addition to BTS! I'm still currently on a designing break, but hope to take some time soon to start planning on things to release later on this year! (Currently waiting until after the lunar new year to start designing new stuff as companies generally have off then!

:) Wishing you all the best & thank you so much for you support!

- Dissu


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