[ introducing ] dissu's garden : a rewards & referral program!

Hello friends! If you haven't already seen on my socials, this is something I’ve been working on implementing ever since I moved platforms here! But I’m happy to announce the start of my rewards program! It’s free to sign up on my site & you get points (aka plant sprouts) for every purchase! There are other several social media activities you can do as well to get free sprouts as well! Every 100 sprouts = $1 and you can redeem any time on my site!
I am also rolling out a referral system as well! Once you’ve created an account, a special link will be generated for you to share! Every time you refer a friend both of you will get a $5 off coupon for my shop to use whenever!
To get started, there's a button on the bottom right hand side that you can click to register and account with my site! From there there's also a prompt list to give you multiple ways of earning free sprouts! You can also get a chance of earning additional sprouts by sharing/tagging me in photos on instagram on disequil.co! Every so often, I will be regramming photos with credits that I'm tagged in!
If you are OK with me reuploding your photos with credit, please just tag @disequil.co in the photo in the “tag people” option you have when you upload a post! Every so often I’ll sift through my tags and regram several posts crediting you guys & will DM you a discount code you can use on your next purchase as a thank you! (or alternatively if you wish to receive points in my shop, you can elect that option as well!) Photos can include close up shots of my products with your bts collection or you wearing them; as long as it contains any of my items, it’s fair game!
Once again thank you guys so much for your support, without you guys, I don’t think I would have grown as much as I have as an artist so wanted to thank you guys by creating this program! Let’s continue to grow together! 🌱
- Dissu

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