[ introducing ] : infinite collection ; anniversary series

Hello lovelies! As some of you may have seen on my instagram post, back in June I started a three part series in celebration of Bangtan's 7th anniversary! The infinite collection was the first to be revealed and is a jewelry set comprised of a necklace, bracelet, rings, and two necklaces.
This series plays a lot with circles as well as dates. the general gist of the symbolism with circles is the concept of infinity as well as unity as one. The designs are also meant to show the bond between ARMY & BTS in a more subtle, yet beautiful way, comprising of two roman numeral dates, one for bangtan's debut date, and the other ARMY's birthday. Below are some behind the designs for each of pieces which can also be found on my IG as well!
Pre-orders for these will begin on 8/22 noon EST
The whole collection will be 925 sterling silver with rhodium plating, so they will be elegant & timeless pieces I hope you can enjoy and show off during any occasion if you decide to add them to your collection! 
infinite collection : necklace 
For this design itself, bts’s debut date is written at the lower circle and army’s birthday is written at the top circle both in roman numerals. this is a lariat style necklace, so it loops inside of itself. The gist of the concept is also, without army’s support bts would not be able to be who they are today and conversely, without bts, army would not exist today, so we are all interconnected in a way.
infinite collection : bracelet
This design was probably the most meaningful to me while designing, the design was heavily inspired by the lyrics of 2!3!

The centerpiece is once again two circular rings with bangtan’s debut date (right) and army’s birthday (left), only this time they’re clasped around each other. (like we are holding each other’s hands) the one chain tied to bangtan’s date side represents the road they took to debuting as a group, then they met army who cried with them through their struggles, cheered them on during their small achievements and loved them for who they were. There are two chain tied to the army’s date representing ARMY & BTS’ different stories & lives, since even though we come from different places, are different people, music and lyrics bring us all together and unite us on our path of life.
At the end of the bracelet is a tag with the hyyh logo, indicating that in a way, we are each other’s most beautiful moment in life.
infinite collection : rings
Continuing on with the circle dates theme, we have once again a bts version & army version that have their debut date & army’s bday on them respectively, which can be worn together or separately!
infinite collection : earrings
Last but not least, two earring sets! One is more self indulgent and more towards what’s trending in fashion with dangling earrings and the other is a more simplistic design that can be worn two ways!

The first set is asymmetrical featuring one dangly one and one stud. The longer of the two bars have both dates one on the front and the other one the back, and the shorter one has the hyyh logo. The small stud was supposed to be an armybomb head stud, but changed it into a single circular stud instead (so kinda like the mots lightstick lol)

The second set features the same design as the necklace! Tut this time as earrings, they’re relatively small and will have a chain attached on the back clasp so it’s up to you to decide if you want to wear them as studs or with the chain attachments for a more elegant look

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