[ mono. series ] color defects

[ mono. series ] color defects

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These are mono pins that have had color incorrectly filled in certain areas. In the example you can see for forever rain's it's filled in white instead of black (on the left) In moonchild, you can see the same as well (on the right) These defects will be sorted by size and by grade.

  • Small is the size of the forever rain miscolor or smaller
  • Medium is the size of the moonchild miscolor
  • Large is any size larger than the moonchild miscolor

Grades will be applied the same as the normal mono pins (please read my grading guide!). Most of the miscolors are actually really good standard quality pins! You will be able to choose by design & by grade. Right now pretty much they are almost all forever rain that have miscoloring issues (with a handful of others)

Prices are as follows:

  • Small Area: $14
  • Medium: $12
  • Large: $10
  • B grades will be the above prices subtracted $2.