Mystery Grab Bags

Mystery Grab Bags

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Most pins are c/seconds (there may be an occasional B graded pin thrown in) and will have noticeable flaws which can include color defects & severe underfill enamel. Some wooden charms are also B/C graded due to the nature of wood. Please note that second graded can also include mis-color issues where a pin was incorrectly colored. Super Seconds are pins that have severe issues such as missing enamel or plating issues.


BTS Grab Bag [$30] : 4 random BTS items (can be charms & pins)

BTS Grab Bag PINS ONLY [$30] : 3 random BTS pins

MONO Grab Bag [$30] : 3 random pins from my mono series

Super Second Grab Bag [$20] : 3 random super second graded pins, please note these have major flaws such as missing enamel or plating issues. (These are great for anyone who is into modding!)


Note: BTS grab bags can also include mono pins, MONO grab bags are exclusively for mono pins.


BTS bags can include any of the following (most pins will be C graded):

- Mono series pins

- Cherry Kook series *

- Namu Namu *

- Heartbeat series

- Wooden Charms (b grade to standard)

- Acrylic Charms (most of these will be standard)

- Fake Love

- Tour Pins


*defect board fillers may be included for free as long as quantity lasts, these do not count towards total number of pins (so you would get 3 pins + 1 free board filler)